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Artifacts Logo Thank you for visiting Artifacts Website! I am a mixed media artist and I love creating seasonal art. I sculpt with a variety of materials and incorporate found artifacts and vintage items of all sorts. I love to design things that light up! Many of my pieces are created to hold lights. I sculpt year round, and I still enjoy making special order santas when time allows! Sometimes I will put side project originals on Each piece I make is hand sculpted (without the use of molds) in my St. Louis studio.

As part of my expanding endeavors I have licensed some of my artwork since 2004. Originals have been
reproduced into a wide array of decorative sculptures, candle lamps, bowls, lamps with shades, tart warmers, and ornaments. Erin McSpaddenTiny sculptures with primitive themes have been used within floral designs. These sculptures are about an inch tall, and have reflected just about every licensed collection I've developed. Previous collections have included seasonal designs, as well as everyday designs with salt box houses, bird houses, sculpted quilt patterns, farm animals, baskets, beehives, and other primitive themes. I am able to tailor licensed work to clients, the style of their business, and their production mediums.

I have a couple of unusual influences that helped my business develop. My love for vintage holiday came from growing up with parents who were each artists and collectors of antiques. I started making Halloween and Christmas decorations for family members. I found myself using my degree in Physical Anthropology as I worked, because having studied human facial structures helps Santa's faces take form. My previous career as a retail Market Representative helps me understand the development and retail side of the business, and what is required to go to market. I'm proud to have combined each of these elements into a creative career!

Dolls Magazine featured some of my One of a Kind Santa figures in their Holiday 2005 Issue. Each Santa begins with a hand sculpted face. Both new and vintage materials are used to achieve the desired look. Custom Santas can be made with unique themes, varied skin tones, and customized clothing. When complete, each piece is hand finished, signed, numbered, and dated. More time goes into each piece, but the effort insures that each will have a unique personality. Examples can now be found at

Inquiries for licensing or custom Santas are welcome, please contact us for more information.

Detail of Santa #2

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